Cloud Robotics @ Google IO 2011

At Google IO 2011 Ryan Hickman, Damon Kohler, Ken Conley, Brian Gerkey gave an interesting talk about robotics work that was occurring at Google.
If you’re interested in robotics at all I really think it’s worth a look. The gist of the first half of the talk is that cloud based services for object recognition and perception allow computing power to be moved off the robot and into the cloud. This allows information sharing between robots and can leverage tougher computing problems using the massive power available in the cloud.

During the second half of the talk Damon Kohler spoke about his work to get robotics and sensors available to the average hobbyist through the use of Android and other commodity hardware (including the Kinect!).
Some of the projects referenced in the video have been previously linked on this blog.
It’s great to see hobbyist hackers recognised.
He announced rosjava, a port of ROS (Robotic Operating System) to Java to run natively on Android.
Combined with the Android Open Accessories Development Kit, I can see some really interesting applications and excuses to buy new hardware… And it’s all open source!

Recommended viewing:

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