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Toyota’s New Robot runs ROS

ROS is making headway into industrial robotics in a big way.
Toyota’s new human assistance robot runs ROS.


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Better Point Clouds with the Kinect

The response to my blog post was amazing and many people have suggested some really great ideas to improve the data collected. For a long while I have been wanting to play with ROS and I think that this video has put me over the edge:

That is a very impressive SLAM implementation using SURF descriptors and the RANSAC algorithm. I believe it is using the OpenCV implementations of those algorithms which I know to be very good. There is more information about it here.

I implemented SURF myself as a personal project last year, but I think at this point the best thing to do is use the tools available and build on the amazing work that has gone into ROS and OpenCV.

I’m going to see what can be done in the outdoors using some of these techniques, there is a lot of potential for some really improved 3D maps.

We live in very exciting times with so many people sharing their code and ideas. I’m in awe of some of the things that have been done and I hope I can find a way to contribute to some of the projects that are making the real progress and allow people like me to hack on small projects.

By the way – unless I say otherwise all code (not including any external libraries or code not written by me) on my GitHub is MIT/X11 licensed.

A few people have requested point cloud data or raw Kinect data, you can find it here. I hope it’s helpful but I fear that the 1fps capture rate will not be enough for many of the things that have been suggested. Once I get a ROS-based capture process working I will capture more.

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